What is a CLUSTER? And why is it important?

“Even though the internet now connects everyone, why are industries still found in specific places? And why do companies succeed in some places and not in others?

The answer lies in a simple but powerful concept: CLUSTERS.

A cluster provides a useful lens for understanding economic success. It helps explain why ideas, workers and industries tend to flourish in specific locations throughout history – from filmmaking in Hollywood to the Renaissance in Florence. Understanding clusters and how they work is key to understanding – and helping – your region´s economy.

Clusters and Your Economy: An Illustrated Introduction, provides a quick overview of clusters, their history, and how they work, and offers useful tips and tricks for helping them grow and thrive in you community.”



“While many of us see the power of clusters play out again and again in their daily work, we often find it hard to capture the concept and what it means in a way that is accessible to a broader audience. The Cluster Comic produced in a dynamic Danish-American collaboration , does just that and will be a valuable tool to introduce these ideas to new groups, from the general public to journalists and politicians (and maybe also to our families at home that wonder what we are working on). It manages to bring out some of the key ideas without ‘dumming’ them done. And it shows the importance of clusters without falling into preaching. TCI was happy provide the platform to launch the Comic during the 2013 TCI Global Conference in Kolding, Denmark. Well done!”
Dr. Christian Ketels, President, TCI Network and Harvard Business School